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д-р Кирил Калев::code::cv::founder/ceo & sound artist::българин::роден в софия::жител на бяла/варненско::европеец по убеждение ::инженер::доктор::технически университет магдебург/германия :: aktim/франция :: българска академия на науките::българско национално радио::радио fm plus::български посланик във виена/австрия::code::communications

dr. Kiril Kalev code::cv::founder/ceo & sound artist::bulgarian::born in sofia::citizen of biala/varna::european by heart::engineer::doctor::technical university of magdeburg/germany::aktim/france::bulgarian academy of science::bulgarian national radio::radio fm plus::bulgarian ambassador in vienna/austria::code::communications

Елена Филипчева:: code::cv::founder/ceo & vision artist::българка::родена в софия::естет по природа и начин на мислене::колеж по фотография::майка на две деца::театрален фотограф::фоторепортер::вестник новини::вестник пулс::списание ритъм::българска национална телевизия::колумнист и автор в списания,визуалист::фабрика за идеи::code::communications

Elena Filipcheva:: code::cv::founder/ceo & vision artist::bulgarian:: born in sofia:: aesthete by heart and thinking::college for photography::mother of two kids::theatre photographer::photo-reporter::newspaper novini::newspaper puls::music magazine rhythm::bulgarian national television::columnist and newspaper writher,visualist:: factory for ideas::code::communications


event marketing :: communications :: networking & sponsorship

we provide live experience and real codes for your event-marketing communications in bulgaria, central and south-east europe!

code::communications is:

  • an independent, top provider and full service agency specialized in integrated event marketing, communication, networking & sponsorship strategies and programs;

  • an international professional networking platform. We offer expertise, strategy and services, such as, event creative concept and design, production and event promotion, communications, networking and sponsorship all with dynamic experiential environments;

  • a new and modern organised agency with more than 20 years experience in communication business! We work “behind the scenes” of your events as a silent and reliable partner to develop and execute different type of marketing & communication events.
    we believe: the best event communication strategy integrates corporate vision & identity, effective public relations and sustainable sponsorship initiatives.